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The Trouble with Transcriptions

I’m working on a news monitoring task for a client right now and this literally just happened. I’m still chuckling. Great reminder that it’s important to listen to the clips (turns out our client wasn’t even actually mentioned): What was actually said (and rather clearly, at that): And a lot of times, they’ll play courses […]

Where Will We Go From Here?

Cross-posted from McKinney & Associate’s ‘Comm in the Storm’ blog, where I write about Diversity issues every Thursday. As the global technology community collectively mourns the loss of one of its greatest visionaries, Steve Jobs, many are already wondering what lies ahead for his brainchild company and mobile technology in general. There’s no denying the […]

Technology is not my Friend Today

This is just a quick update because I don’t want to let myself go another six months without posting. Last night I spent about 2 hours trying to create my first video blog — vlog, if you will. It didn’t work. My computer crashed right when I was in the process of exporting the video. […]