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Happy V(agina) Day

I wasn’t always as awesome as I am now. Growing up, I was the stereotypical cripplingly shy kid who never really spoke unless spoken to, which wasn’t very often. One guy even wrote in my yearbook in high school that he thought of me as “the shy beauty” and that he wished he’d spent more […]

When “Just Friends” Becomes Delusional

Sometimes it feels like I attract the wrong men. Other times, it seems I fall for the wrong men. Most times, I feel it’s time to just chuck my “list of potentials” and start fresh, aka give in and create an online dating profile. Everything else in my life is run by social interwebbing anyway, […]

Why it’s OK that I Can’t

When I was growing up, my mother charged me 25 cents as punishment every time I used a certain four-letter C word. And I used it a lot. Whenever things got a little rough, “can’t” was my default. Now that I’m a little older and wiser…and broker…I’ve realized that the problem wasn’t so much me […]

Things I Think When I’m Thinking About You

Man, that __________, he’s such a cutie. Why did it take us so long to meet? Better late than never, I s’pose. What is it about this guy that I keep thinking about him? I’m seriously thinking too much, too hard. Slow down girl! Now look at me, I’m having a conversation with myself. I’m […]