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That Time I Started a Fitness Challenge

I’m starting a 30-day fitness challenge. The thing is, I’m great when it comes to generating ideas, but not so much when it comes to their execution.

Blogging More Again

I’m so sorry to have left you with such an abrupt ending to my last post. I know you were shocked that I could write a post of such…normal length. Well, that’s part of the beauty of my resolution. When I came up with “blog more” as my entire NYR, I didn’t fully process the […]

Resolution Blog More

I’ve never really been one for New Year’s Resolutions, and as I discover more about myself I think I’m figuring out why: I have unrealistic expectations when I decide to make behavior changes. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? I’m sure nobody else ever saw that coming. My mom for sure will be flabbergasted when I bestow upon […]