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The one who got away

Once upon a time, I fell deeply in love with a person who I thought was my soul mate. We weren’t perfect, but we were perfect for each other. And then, we started talking marriage. For better or worse, I realized that committing my life to this person would be the most significant thing I’d ever […]

Broken toe for a mending heart

Earlier this morning I stubbed my toe. I stubbed my BROKEN toe. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the most physical pain I’ve ever experienced. But after collapsing on my closet floor and sobbing for a good 5 minutes, feeling alone and helpless, with not a soul around but my dog to help […]

Happy V(agina) Day

I wasn’t always as awesome as I am now. Growing up, I was the stereotypical cripplingly shy kid who never really spoke unless spoken to, which wasn’t very often. One guy even wrote in my yearbook in high school that he thought of me as “the shy beauty” and that he wished he’d spent more […]

When “Just Friends” Becomes Delusional

Sometimes it feels like I attract the wrong men. Other times, it seems I fall for the wrong men. Most times, I feel it’s time to just chuck my “list of potentials” and start fresh, aka give in and create an online dating profile. Everything else in my life is run by social interwebbing anyway, […]

To Be, To Take or To Have A Lover?

I am a woman. As much as I think I’m pretty awesome at owning that role (Occupy Womanhood!), it still has it’s drawbacks. Like the fact that I’m wide awake way past my bed time because of the raging war between my soulful romantic and my logical caustic. Over a man. I once heard a […]

5 Reasons Why I’m Totally Cool Drinking Alone

1. I don’t have to share. Look, it’s not like I don’t like having company when I’m drinking. But sometimes, when I’m in the grocery store, I have to make some critical decisions: wine, or meat? (Trust me when I say, it’s a tough choice.) Usually, I end up buying both and cutting out something […]

Things I Think When I’m Thinking About You

Man, that __________, he’s such a cutie. Why did it take us so long to meet? Better late than never, I s’pose. What is it about this guy that I keep thinking about him? I’m seriously thinking too much, too hard. Slow down girl! Now look at me, I’m having a conversation with myself. I’m […]