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Trust the mamas

Have you ever sniffed rubbing alcohol to prevent vomiting? Steeped ginger root in hot water to cure nausea? Rubbed lemongrass oil on mosquito bites? Well, you know who has? Mama Pearl. And so have I, thanks to her. Real quick: If you ever find yourself in a similar situation as what follows, don’t feel badly. […]

5 Trips Everyone Should Make in Their 20s

The Twenties are the years of exploration, both geographically and introspectively. And nothing beats when the two go hand in hand.

Mission Trips 101 – Lessons in Discernment

I’ve recently – in the past week – come to the conclusion that missions are an interesting phenomena. They illuminate how a person or group views themselves, while simultaneously suggesting how said person or group should be judged. For instance, by creating a mission statement, I’m not only saying “here are my values; this is […]

Story-telling after Disasters: The Other Side of Recovery

This is the original, unedited (aka longer) version of my post for the American Red Cross. Last Wednesday, February 27, marked the third anniversary of an 8.8-magnitude earthquake that struck off the central coast of Chile, triggering a massive tsunami that destroyed homes, businesses, landscapes and lives. A week before the anniversary, I had the […]

How to not Get Sick

I’ve been sick for the majority of the last 2 months and I’m beyond tired of it. It’s extremely frustrating, and I am starting to think that maybe I have the weakest immune system on the planet. However, it hasn’t always been this way, so I decided to try to figure out why this might […]

A New Perspective on Haiti … Again

Every visit to Haiti is a new adventure for me. I can still count on one hand the number of times I’ve been here – each time never longer than a week – so I suppose that’s to be expected. It doesn’t take long to realize that life here is hard. It’s nonstop; it’s passionate; […]

Two Years Later, for the First Time Ever

It took me a few days to begin to process what I saw and how I felt during my first trip to Haiti. After only four days on an island just 600 miles from the U.S. coast, my mental and physical exhaustion levels felt more on par with traveling 3,000 miles to spend a week […]

It’s August — Countdown to Thanksgiving!

Mom and I have this tradition where every Thanksgiving we travel somewhere new. OK, so we started it last year because we really wanted to go to Costa Rica and Thanksgiving happened to be the most convenient time — but we enjoyed it so much we decided to make it a thing. Plus, Mom is […]