For my Reporting of Public Affairs class, we we’re occasionally sent out to cover events and committee meetings around Washington. Here are some of my articles I wrote for that class:

Manassas clinic serves immigrant population, battles for midwives’ rights | Video

Swine Flu and the Legal System

Soccer Game Shoots for Financial Literacy

Tax Incentives to Stimulate Economy?

Defense Department on Climate Change

Healthcare Workers Sign Scrubs, Rally


When The Pitt News redesigned their site, most of my articles written for them were lost in the transition and are no longer archived. Here are links to the few articles that are still published, and scanned copies of my own clips:

Sorority Promotes Eating Disorder Awareness – Re-published on UWire

Greek Life Membership – My last article as the greek life beat reporter

Fraternity fire and reinstatement efforts – Published April 9, 2009

NAACP Centennial – Published Feb. 12, 2009

Greeks’ Pitt Dance Marathon – Published Jan. 23, 2009

CBS reporter on Iraq injury – Published Nov. 18, 2008

Effect of race on mentorships – Published Nov. 12, 2008

Obama’s election – Published Nov. 5, 2008

Laughter clubs


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