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27_Tamara_Braunstein_0026Someone once asked me during a job interview to describe myself when I’m at my best. My answer was simple: I’m at my best when I’m writing.

At the time, I told them it didn’t really matter what I was writing. That was a bit too idealistic on my part; some writing tasks bring me infinitely more satisfaction and joy than others.

Still, writing is my favorite and I’m blessed to have built a career path based on my passion. And when I need a more creative outlet, I use this blog. Plus, it’s an opportunity for me more pensively explore my world and how I fit in it. So in short, this blog represents my feelings, my emotions, my experiences, my life. In my words. And if I haven’t written in a while, well, then it’s probably safe to assume I’m not operating at my best.**


**In July 2014, after nearly 10 years of various adventures and city-hopping (Pittsburgh, PA to Buenos Aires, Argentina, then on to Summit, NJ, and Washington, DC, topped-off with Chicago, IL), I finally made my way back to my beloved hometown of Seattle, WA. Once here, I succumbed to my internal siren’s call to dive into the messy and exciting world of novel writing, so the blog updates are sporadic, at best.



  1. You need to update your bio, T! Haven’t you been w/the Red Cross for over a year now?! 🙂

    1. Indeed! I’m working on it 🙂

  2. I thought i saw you on the news helping someone , You are a awesome person and driven. Your the light that helps people find the way,shine on.

    1. Hi Darryl, thanks for the comment! It’s an honor to be able to represent the Red Cross and help in any way that I can 🙂

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