This is how it feels to hear #AllLivesMatter

A few of my friends have confessed to me that even though they support #BlackLivesMatter efforts, they don’t really understand the problem with also asserting that #AllLivesMatter.

Well, there’s an analogy going around that I think does a good job of trying to put it into perspective:

Imagine you're out to dinner with your friends, and you all order at the same time. Everyone's meal arrives except yours, and instead of waiting for yours to arrive, or helping you grab the attention of the waiter, all of your friends start eating.

From where you sit, your food matters to you and it probably bothers you that nobody cares to help you get your food, or question why it hasn't come, or even wait to eat theirs until yours arrives. Then, since nobody is helping you, you try to go get your food. You say, "What about my food? My food matters." But your friends say "All our food matters," and just keep eating.

Yes, while their food matters as well, they already have theirs and it doesn't do anything to change the fact that you don't have yours.

Now, instead of food, imagine it’s your entire life experience that’s getting that response.

When black lives matter–and when all people of color are treated like they matter–then, all lives will matter.


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