That Time I Didn’t Finish the Fitness Challenge (and still felt proud)

It’s shocking, I know. That last post I wrote about starting the Fitness Challenge, well, that’s all it was. A start. I mean, I guess it still had an end… because I kind of just stopped doing it.

Maybe I should feel more embarrassed or weak or defeated, but I really don’t. Because here’s the thing: I made it through about 2/3 of the challenge before my motivation to continue simply disappeared. But, I hadn’t worked out that hard in years, and my motivation to stay healthy and keep exercising is stronger than ever! (pun intended)

eastwood power quote

It’s strange ~ the challenge was just SO CHALLENGING, I started to feel an adverse mental reaction: I DREADED WORKING OUT. Not like I ever really loved it to start, but the gains I felt — increased energy, better metabolism, motivation to get outside and bust a move — really became overshadowed by the strain and pain from all of those repetitive movements. I’m not talking the good, encouraging soreness that means your body is responding. I’m talking about the scary pain that means you might be doing it wrong or pushing too hard. I mean, 250 squats in a day?! Whose knees are even made for that? And how many people need their abs to be able to perform 200 crunches and 150 sit-ups at once? Don’t even get me started on the mountain climbers. Three strikes, I’m out.

No, I decided the risk of injury wasn’t worth what I was getting out of it. Instead, I decided to apply my new-found motivation for health and fitness toward more realistic and steadily increasing goals. And I’m loving it!

In fact, I just signed up for my very first Sprint Triathlon! Don’t get me wrong, there are moments (mostly all moments) when I’m terrified and downright skeptical about what I’ve just committed myself to… but at the same time, I know I can do it. Because I got through 2/3 of a crazy, die-hard, 3-in-1 Fitness Challenge, and if I apply even half of the drive it took to get that far, then I’ll be just fine.

So, the gym rats can keep their crazy intimidating and belittling memes — listening to my body and taking control of my own fitness regime is all the reward and motivation I need.



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