That Time I Started a Fitness Challenge

Today is January 13, 2015. A day like most others, for most people, I assume. But for me, it’s kind of a big deal… or at least, I hope it turns out to be. Because why? Because today is the day that I started my very first fitness challenge.

I’m being very careful to use the word “start” versus “do” because the hardest part for me will be to see it through to the end, without cheating or taking any unplanned breaks. I think. Hopefully.

workout ecard

The thing is, I’m great when it comes to generating ideas, but not so much when it comes to their execution. (I know, this is completely unheard of.) And naturally, this extends to nearly every activity and sport I’ve ever done.

So, even though I NEVER make New Year’s Resolutions (I feel the need to clarify that this is NOT sarcasm), I’ve decided to set a particular goal for myself: to lose 25 pounds before my friend’s Mexican Beach Wedding in August. And since I love food and despise dramatic diet changes, I’ve decided to do so by focusing primarily on my fitness… which is, at the moment, non-existent.

Wait, I lied. At the moment, it’s exhausted. Because I just finished Day 1 of my challenge! (Haters take note: Keep your snarky thoughts to yourself, I’ve got enough on my own… and instead, I’m choosing to applaud myself. Boom.)

Oh, and did I forget to mention that instead of just doing one challenge, I’m actually doing three at once? Yeah.

That’s another thing I tend to do… once I make up my mind about something, I’m ALL ABOUT IT.** #GoHardOrGoHome

And right now, I’m all about toning my WHOLE BODY, not just one section. So here’s the plan I’ve “created” (aka pieced together from several separate challenges) to do it:

30-Day Combined Fitness Challenges

Now, for all of you who’ve tried (and more importantly, finished) fitness challenges, mental support / recommendations are greatly appreciated. And if you see me limping around, or wonder why all my social media posts are about needing pain relief, just bear with me… or bring me some freakin’ Aleve. It’s not like I’ve made my goal to not complain through this process. That’d be cray.

**Maybe there is a direct correlation between this attitude and the aforementioned lack of completion? Idk.  

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