Writer’s Block and People-Watching

Last night was awesome. I got to sit in a quiet neighborhood restaurant, people-watching passersby and fellow diners, while finally finding some inspiration to write.


Great staff and decent food. Highly recommended for a random stop-in.

Then, a drugged-up junkie came bursting into the restaurant, ranting and raving about a missing cell phone. The manager literally had to shove her outside as she threatened him and swung at him with her purse. Police were summoned, she burst into crocodile tears, and I had a front-seat view to the most exciting, dramatic arrest I’ve ever witnessed.

Through the lulls — when she was trying to convince the cops she didn’t know she did anything wrong by slamming the glass so hard a sign inside the restaurant nearly fell on my head (OK, it was like a foot away) — I found myself finally writing about something I’d been meaning to tackle for a while.

I’m not ready to share it publicly, but getting it down, unlocking my mind and setting the ideas free, was so liberating. Like I finally have the freedom to open myself and explore other topics. It took a volatile situation and a jolt of adrenaline to finally do it, but I did it.

So, I guess what I’m saying is… maybe I need to eat more Indian and Thai food. Also, I slept really well.

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