I Feel Like I Should Write…

A friend told me recently that the best time to write is early in the morning, when you first wake up. Well, aside from the part where I never wake up “early,” I haven’t been able to make it happen.

Lately, I can’t bring myself to write. I don’t get it. My mind never seems to stop racing – I’m mentally dictating at least three different projects at any given time, but as soon as I have a minute to breathe and I tell myself to sit down and just start typing, all I’m left with is this blog post.

Maybe I’m considering too many things? Maybe I haven’t made up my mind of what I really want? Maybe I need to just pick one thing and give it an honest, disciplined try?

Or maybe writing is my true passion and I’m afraid of really taking a chance on it? Because if I fail at that, then what would be left? What would motivate me?

Well, dang. Fine then. I’ll try to freakin’ write something…

But wait, I’m already doing it wrong. It’s after 10pm and I’m exhausted. I guess I should set my alarm to get up and try again.

What time is early? 

One comment

  1. My life theme right now? Intentional living. Which of course requires intentional decision-making, one step at a time. At my age. Sigh. Another, yet somehow uplifting reminder that learning, and by extension, growing is a life-long endeavor.

    You’re going to find direction, one step at a time. You’ve already gained awesome experience and outstanding skills – yes writing is one of them! – which you’ll continue to build upon. Not everything you try is going to work but those will be great lessons too.

    Remember, every new road is an ADVENTURE!

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