The Trouble with Transcriptions

I’m working on a news monitoring task for a client right now and this literally just happened. I’m still chuckling.

Great reminder that it’s important to listen to the clips (turns out our client wasn’t even actually mentioned):

What was actually said (and rather clearly, at that):

And a lot of times, they’ll play courses that they’re not that familiar with, they don’t have, you know, that much experience, or it might be a first-time venue. So, I mean, they’re pretty good at going in, you know, with – I don’t want to say “blinders,” but you know, they really don’t have the insiders’ edge. So it’s really important, you know, for these young players to get as much information about a golf course…

What the transcription read:

…a lot of times of the courses . not that familiar with the happy-go-lucky much experience for my vehicle – you shortly there’ve a struggling young eagle without deploying marty noted rachel hampton inn fighter jet show accentual cornmeal for individual players get as much information nonvolatile course…

I mean…. WHAT?!

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