How to not Get Sick

I’ve been sick for the majority of the last 2 months and I’m beyond tired of it. It’s extremely frustrating, and I am starting to think that maybe I have the weakest immune system on the planet. However, it hasn’t always been this way, so I decided to try to figure out why this might be happening. I sat down and wrote out a basic timeline of events that may have affected my health over the last several weeks.

The result is both ridiculous and enlightening:

  • Oct. 27 – Nov. 4: Deployed to NJ for Hurricane Sandy response
    Effects: Less sleep; Heightened Stress; Poor diet
  • Nov. 5 – 9: Catch up on work missed during deployment, prepare for work missed during following week’s trip.
    Effects: Heightened Stress
  • Nov. 9 – 11: Weekend visitors = Playing tourist
    Effects: Less sleep
  • Nov. 11 – 17: Work trip to Haiti
    Effects: Less sleep; Heightened Stress; Poor diet
Although these precious faces sure help bring down the stress level

Although these precious faces sure help bring down the stress level

  • Nov. 17 – 20: Return to a disaster zone of an apartment (ongoing issue that deserves its own post entirely)
    Effects: Even less sleep; Skyrocketed stress; Days of exposure to mold, mildew, bacteria
  • Nov. 21 – 25: Thanksgiving Break in NJ
    Effects: Much needed sleep; Healthy home-cooked meals; Relaxation time
  • Nov. 26 – Dec. 23: Ongoing apartment repair battles
    Effects: Continued exposure to mold and mildew
  • Dec. 24 – Jan. 3: Christmas/New Year Break in Seattle
    Effects: Packed schedule with sick friends and family; Exposure to airplane germs; Relaxation
  • Jan. 4 – Now: Still recovering.

Only about 2.5 weeks in the last 2+ months have given me stress-free relaxation time, and for almost 2 of those weeks I was surrounded by people who were succumbing to whatever seasonal flu is going around.

Now I find myself the sickest I’ve been probably since when I studied abroad in Argentina in 2007 — and with similar symptoms that have rarely but occasionally reappeared since. I’m afraid to elaborate would be to repulse the tens of my readers with TMI, but suffice it to say I am surviving on a cocktail of remedies.

Just kidding, I don’t care if it’s TMI. Look at what I go through! I think I broke my throat taking this photo.


Maintained High Levels of Stress + Poor Sleep + Repeated Exposure to Germs & Allergens = SICKEST I’VE EVER BEEN


Relaxing Surroundings + Good Sleep + Healthy, Sanitary Home  = HOW NOT TO GET SICK

Who’d of thunk?!

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  1. D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G

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