Blogging More Again

I’m so sorry to have left you with such an abrupt ending to my last post. I know you were shocked that I could write a post of such…normal length.

Well, that’s part of the beauty of my resolution. When I came up with “blog more” as my entire NYR, I didn’t fully process the magnitude of the situation; I just wanted to submit a form and check something of my to-do list.

It completely escaped me — until my shower time aka thinking time the next day — that this is a resolution I can COMPLETELY succeed in! It’s so vague, so utterly minimal in its essence… heck, I’ve already succeeded two days in a row! Champin.

(I suppose I could also spend less time on YouTube and have more time to blog)

Here’s the other part that’s so awesome: I can write as little as possible in a post and STILL be rockin the NYR. Usually, when I blog, each post turns into a bonafide essay. No more. Now, “blog more” just means “write something…ANYTHING.”

So, here’s to 2013: the year of blogging more again. For real this time. CHEERS!

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