For the Love of Pit Bulls

Ever since the Maryland Court of Appeals declared pit bulls to be “inherently dangerous” earlier this month, my passion for advocating for innocent animals has reached new levels.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to run off and join PETA or anything; I’m not that extreme, and probably never will be. But the implications of this ruling are huge — from spiked euthanasia rates to fewer insurance options for owners — and now more than ever I’ve embraced this simple truth about myself: I care more about animals than I do about people (and I do care about people; I work for the world’s largest humanitarian organization for a reason).

Some of my friends don’t understand it. They say our responsibility should be first and foremost toward our fellow man.* Here’s the thing though: Men are corrupt, vicious, abusive, manipulative and inherently sinful. Animals operate on survival instinct and training. Training from men.

I was brought up to believe that yes, we should love our neighbors as ourselves. That is a task I struggle to achieve on a daily basis, but I still try. I was also taught that men were put on this earth to rule over animals. Not to rule over them as in abuse and manipulate them to do our dirty work and to teach them to behave cruelly toward other animals and people, but to guide and protect them because we are the intelligent species. The relationship should be mutually beneficial. Circle of life type stuff.

When it comes to domesticated animals, I am even more defensive about our responsibilities to treat our pets humanely. They love and obey because that’s how they’re wired; they trust us to protect and provide for them, and our reward is their unconditional devotion. What human is capable of that? Few, if any.

So, knowing where I’m coming from, maybe it’s easier to understand why it pisses me off INFURIATES me when ignorant a**holes bend inherently decent animals to their asinine and evil wills.

It absolutely enrages me that pit bulls and other so called “aggressive breeds” have the deck so highly stacked against them because a few worthless churls decide to exploit the protective instincts of these animals.

This is the WORST parenting I’ve ever seen.

Yes, I understand that some dogs naturally are more protective than others. I’m not entirely convinced those protective traits weren’t singled out by humans for breeding in the first place though.

For the people who are willing and able to rescue, rehabilitate and protect animals who have been abused or who are discriminated against because of their breed, regardless of individual social history, legal decisions like the one from the Maryland legislature set foreboding precedent.

The fact that only 1 out of 7 major insurance companies in DC would even give me a quote for renters insurance after I said that I have a pit bull (results listed below) speaks volumes about the obstacles owners of aggressive breeds will face if this level of breedism isn’t shut down.

Need Renter’s Insurance in DC? Own a Pit Bull? Good Luck:

(In no particular order, other than how I contacted them)
Liberty Mutual: No Pit Bulls
Ameriprise: No Pit Bulls
Travelers: No Pit Bulls
Farmers: No renters insurance in DC
Progressive: No Pit Bulls
Nationwide: No Pit Bulls
State Farm: Quoted $10.83/mo for a $25,000 policy, and could purchase it online

Wow. So, basically, even if State Farm adds some sort of extra “aggressive breed” tax — might as well just make it 60% for good measure, right? — I’d still go with them, because they’re my only option. (To my knowledge, there is no such tax on this policy, that’s just me being snarky, so hopefully you can figure out the significance of the aforementioned percentage)

*The use of “man” or “men” throughout this post refers to humankind in general; it is not meant to be gender-specific.

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