Yay for Changes and Inspiration!

Yesterday I officially announced (that’s what posting to Facebook means, right?) that I’ll soon be starting a VERY exciting new job: International Communications Associate for the American Red Cross. As much as I appreciate the lessons and growth provided from my time at McKinney & Associates, I felt it was time to seek out new challenges for my career.

While discussing with a colleague what exactly I wanted those challenges to be, she gave me some excellent advice: “Writers write. If you want to write, write.”

Obviously, writing is not the only thing that I’d like to do with my life — in fact, this opportunity with the Red Cross hits on quite a few of the career tasks I’m passionate about, including my Spanish language background (yay!). However, I LOVE to write, and I’m always looking for more chances to write … anything.

Except, when it comes to my blog, I kind of suck at it. Not the writing part in and of itself, but the getting around to doing it part.

As soon as my genius colleague suggested I simply start writing, for example, the excuses started flowing. The first one: I don’t have a theme for my blog.

Well, to shorten what’s becoming a needlessly long story (I like words), a few days later, another friend pointed out my penchant for making lists. The observation struck me, I suppose because I never really realized how often I categorize things in my life. Apparently it’s not that common to list first, second and third favorite movies when asked what sort of movies you like?

The more I contemplated and attempted to rank the level of my oddity, the more I realized that I couldn’t seem to stop making lists. And voila: a theme for my blog.

So, from now on, expect to see the majority of my thoughts coming at you in list style. I’m sure it won’t be too much of an adjustment if you interact with me on a daily basis.

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