It’s August — Countdown to Thanksgiving!

Mom and I have this tradition where every Thanksgiving we travel somewhere new. OK, so we started it last year because we really wanted to go to Costa Rica and Thanksgiving happened to be the most convenient time — but we enjoyed it so much we decided to make it a thing. Plus, Mom is a notorious fan of establishing traditions, whether it’s baking cookies and going ornament shopping with my little cousins when we go home for the holidays, or whether it’s only allowing me to eat Cap’n Crunch while camping.

Now that I'm an adult I pretend I'm camping whenever I want so I don't feel guilty about eating Cap'n Crunch

Of course as a child the latter seemed more cruel and unusual punishment than inspired tradition, but now that I’m older I really love that I’ve inherited that quirk. It’s really quite genius when you think about too; if you love something enough that you want an excuse to do it regularly but still keep it special, call it tradition. If you want your kids to be able to really enjoy a not-so-healthy treat and actually cherish the times they get to have it, make up a tradition. #Winning

Enough with that tangent though, back to the Thanksgiving plans. This year since we’d both like to be able to make it to Seattle for Christmas (we were stranded in the East Coast blizzard last year and missed out on the festivities; sad sad days), we decided it’s probably best to keep our travel local. With Mom having bought a house and me…well, let’s face it, I’m still living like a grad student in this economy…we figure a road trip somewhere new would still be a fun mini vacay.

Here’s what we’re thinking: New Hampshire or Main.

Obviously both of those will be pretty cold in late November, a big change from our original Puerto Rico or Jamaica plans, but that’s really the only downside I can see to either one. Both of us used to ski — well, I made the blasphemous switch to snowboarding when I was 12 and never looked back — so I can’t help but dream of slicing some powder again. I haven’t hit a mountain since selling my board more than 4 years ago.

Seven Springs, the closest skiing to Pittsburgh: Wannabe mountain

Between focusing on school and adjusting to the east coast’s “mountains” (aka hills with snow that pales in comparison to my beloved Cascades), I just didn’t see the point in torturing myself. But it’s gotta be like riding a bike, right?


Alpental ski area of Snoqualmie Pass: REAL mountain



So now that’s my goal for the blog in the next few weeks: research the northern states, blog about my findings and get some feedback to help make for a wonderful winter wonderland Thanksgiving road trip.

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