Web 2.0 Journalism — Helpful Websites

One of my professors just Tweeted that Yahoo is planning to shut down Delicious, most likely sometime in the near future. The only reason I use Delicious at all is to stalk his treasure chest list of easy to follow how-to sites concerning site building tips (esp. for journalists). Since I have no clue when the links will become inaccessible, I figured I’d go ahead and grab my favorites now (in order of when he posted them, not my personal rankings):


10 Flash Things You Can’t Do With HTML5

Adobe demos Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool

Flash vs. HTML5: What should journalists learn next?

Animation Basics in Adobe Flash CS5

Top 5 Developer Questions About HTML5 Answered

Adobe RIA Learning Resources for Faculty and Students

Open Source Flash Projects

10+ things Flash can do that HTML5 can’t

Usability Do’s And Don’ts For Interactive Design

50 Air Apps and Browser Addons for Web Designers and Developers

Build your first Facebook application

Teaching Online Journalism–Flash training materials and new example


Creating an Interactive Map in Flash

Making an interactive country map

Tutorial : Thematic mapping with the Google Maps Flash API

12 Websites To Help You Learn Flash/ActionScript

30 Hand-picked Flash and Essential Actionscript 3.0 Tutorials

Six Reasons to Use our Flash Templates In Your Project

actionscript 3.0

Tutorial for Using CSS with XML in Flash

Drupal School: SWFTools (VIDEO)

Flash Templates, Website Templates, Web Templates

building flash templates

kdmc flash tutorials

flash templates

Drawing in Flash

Flash: Journalists’ Toolkit

Flash Tutorials


6 Ways to Optimize Photoshop Performance


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