Gifting in the Workplace

During today’s staff meeting, boss lady announced that the office will have a Secret Santa game this year. I’m all for fun and games, but the only Secret Santa game I’ve ever done is with my family — usually divided between kids and adults. Now, I have one week (which happens to be the same amount of time I’ve been working here) to find the perfect gift(s) for my person. Added to my challenge is the fact that I’m the youngest in the office, so gifts I might think to give a peer may not be relevant or appropriate for others. And the limit is $20 (totally not complaining about that though).

Unsure of where to start, I turned to my friends for help and posted my dilemma on Facebook and Twitter. I was thrilled with some of the results, which got me thinking: What are some of the best, affordable gifts for coworkers?

Of course someone mentioned gift cards. But after reading an article that supports my opinion about why gift cards kind of suck as presents, I’d like to be creative enough to steer clear of those.
(Disclaimer: In case any family members read this blog, yes, my wish list this year does include various gift cards, but that’s only because I don’t plan on checking bags)

After going through my friends’ responses and some quick Google results,  here are my faves:

1. A cheap entertainment basket: According to one friend, he was able to purchase “two [Trader Joes] bottles of wine, a box of popcorn and a few DVDs” for around $25.

2. Drinking glasses and candles. OK, so this is a combination of two ideas, but why not put them together and make it a nice *relaxation* package? Throw in some of that TJ wine and a book and you’re ready for some well-deserved alone time … maybe I want this one for myself.

3. Snuggie. Honestly, I would never buy a snuggie for myself, but I’m so curious about it. So, when another friend listed this, I thought it was great, because a lot of people probably think the same way, which makes it a great gift!

4. Gravity Pen Stand. I found this from my Google search and I love it! I only wish I had time to have it shipped — plus, it’s on sale!

5. Wintry Treats. This one I came up with all on my own, trying to think of what I want right this minute. The idea is to find a couple of over-sized mugs and fill them with things like candies and hot cocoa. If it’s for someone who likes *special* drinks, a couple of those travel-sized bottles of Bailey’s Irish Cream couldn’t hurt.

Well that’s it for now, but I’d love to hear more suggestions. Who knows, it could come in handy for my family’s game too!

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  1. gabriellej88 · · Reply

    I gave winter baskets to my neighbors and my boyfriend’s (now fiance) family two years ago and everyone loved them. I got mugs from the Dollar Tree, then re-packaged hot chocolate in piping bags with marshmallows and chocolate chips tied with holiday ribbons.

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