Monthly Archives: December 2010

Web 2.0 Journalism — Helpful Websites

One of my professors just Tweeted that Yahoo is planning to shut down Delicious, most likely sometime in the near future. The only reason I use Delicious at all is to stalk his treasure chest list of easy to follow how-to sites concerning site building tips (esp. for journalists). Since I have no clue when […]

Gifting in the Workplace

During today’s staff meeting, boss lady announced that the office will have a Secret Santa game this year. I’m all for fun and games, but the only Secret Santa game I’ve ever done is with my family — usually divided between kids and adults. Now, I have one week (which happens to be the same […]

Standing up for Education

Earlier today I received an email from an aunt, asking for people to consider writing letters in support of her children’s educational program. Apparently, the policy makers of the state from which I am so proud to hail are considering completely cutting the funding for programs that are meant to enhance and accelerate learning for […]