Well, I reached a new dilemma in my job search today: I turned down an offer for 2nd-round interview with a marketing company.

For all of my frustration in not finding a job, I decided that just because I’m offered a shot at a position doesn’t necessarily mean I should take it. Yes, I did apply for the job, but that was because I thought it was a training gig for P.R. When I had the first round interview today it became pretty clear to me (despite all of the fancy sugar-coated wording the company rep used) that the overall function for the position would be commission-based sales. And, even though a lot of facts and figures were presented about how great of a company is, Google had nothing to show for it.

But the most significant reason I turned it down was because my degree is not in sales; marketing and sales aren’t even really close to what I’m interested in doing with my life (unless you consider P.R. marketing for a company, which I do sometimes). So, I decided to continue to wait out my options. I guess on the bright side it means I’m not quite as desperate as I often feel. Now, I just hope my resolve and ounce of good spirit can sustain me until that perfect (or near-perfect) opportunity comes along …

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