“You, with the glock, your drink is ready”

New blog post about the Starbucks/gun control debate:

People who know me know that I’m proud to be from Seattle … maybe even too proud sometimes.

I still refuse to name that basketball team in Oklahoma. I still argue that the refs stole our victory in Super Bowl XL. I haven’t snowboarded since I moved east, because there are no real mountains here (and because I sold my board).

I get mad at anyone who says “it rains too much out there,” or “isn’t that the suicide capital of the country?” when it should be plain knowlege that my hometown ranks 24 among the most rainy U.S. cities, and doesn’t even cut the top 10 for the most depressed cities.

Yes, I love my birth city. That’s not to say it doesn’t have issues. It definitely does. And the newest controversy has me on the fence … sort of.

Click here to read the rest.

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