The future of newspapers

For the midterm in Online News Production, I wrote an essay addressing the future of newspapers. Below is an excerpt of that paper. Click here to read the rest.

“The past decade has seen a dramatic rise in media platform adaptability, particularly by way of the Internet. As social trends lead toward heavier reliance on the World Wide Web for strengthened connections to local, national and global communities, public access to and consumption of news is dramatically reshaping the industry’s system and design. While some fear the free and open structure of the Web will instigate the eventual erosion of journalistic standards and quality reporting, others hold that the only thing to be wary of is a lack of viable online business models for the news industry. Whether the Net’s dominant role of propagating news and information will eventually harm or help journalism and its proprietors is yet to be determined. What is clear, now, is that as a result of Web capabilities – to combine material across platforms, to appeal to almost any target audience – news and media generators are in transition to redefine their roles in society. Based on assessments of current coverage, distribution and access trends, it seems that, for the near future, at least, news media is headed toward a period of localization, specialization and monopolization.”

One comment

  1. Great paper, T! Even though I get most of my news online, I’m a big fan of good old fashioned print newspapers (surprise, surprise). Hopefully they won’t disappear completely!

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