Quotes on Foreign Correspondents

My favorite class right now Foreign Correspondence, with Prof. Bill Gentile. I’m extremely drawn to the field, but since taking his class, I’ve been doing some reading that has left me surprised, anxious and much more curious.

Here are some passages and quotes I really appreciate from one book, “International news and foreign correspondents,” by Stephen Hess:

“Comparative studies of the world’s press show that other countries pay more attention to us than we do to them” (pg. 10).

“African-American journalists fall behind in getting foreign assignments because they are disproportionately reporters for television, the medium that has the least turnover among foreign correspondents and the greatest decrease in their numbers” (pg. 17). 

“Freelancers are more apt to be women and to be of a higher socioeconomic status than staff correspondents. Although their educational backgrounds are similar, freelancers are more proficient than staff correspondents are in the languages of the countries where thy are based” (pg. 72).

“A collective profile of eight women who went to Latin America as freelancers between 1976 and 1984 is instructive. Three appear to have made the journey primarily for ideological reasons. Three went as experts, having had a long-standing interest in the region, expressed, for instance, by a university degree in Latin American studies. All had a strong sense of adventure, and several may have been having a fling at foreign correspondence. Only two had previously worked as full-time journalists. They were young – five of them in their twenties. The average age for the eight was younger than twenty-eight. All were unmarried” (pg. 73)

This last paragraph is of special interest to me, despite being somewhat dated, because of my strong desire to be a foreign correspondent in Latin America. It is even more so because I am a single, university-educated (Spanish and Latin American Studies), twenty-something female. Interesting…

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