Daily-evolving technology

Whatever happened to the world of talkies? In my opinion, it’s a perfectly acceptable showcase medium. One reel of film, one sound overlay. Simple.

Yesterday, I thought editing audio was fun. Listening to the same milisecond of sound clip over and over again (it’s not as annoying as some say, it’s actually kind of funny), to make sure I get the cut just right…then blending my pieces together to form one smooth flow…it was so gratifying to hear the end product! That was yesterday. Today was a hard reality check: technology is finicky. I blame it’s constant evolution: there’s not enough time spent fixing one product or platform before a new and more “exciting” one – of course with more gadgets – is created. So today’s task of creating a picture+sound news story slideshow using one complete audio reel, made of two interviews and one ambient clip, was much more difficult than I foresaw…a deadline of three hours didn’t help either.

And it got worse. Apparently the free audio editing software we use, Audacity, likes to close itself out for no reason. Bad news bears. Even though the computer did it’s nifty auto-recovery thing, I lost six full seconds of edited sound. In a 60 sec. piece, that turns out to have a dramatic effect…a pretty negative effect, at that.

My slideshow – pictures of zoo construction set to the interviews of an elephant zoo keeper and the head construction guy – is clearly a first draft of a first-ever attempt at such a project. The good news is that even though I tend to be somewhat of a perfectionist, and hold myself to sometimes ridiculous performance expectations, I’m not stressed about it. I’m just glad I finished it – on deadline! Now I’m free to be stress-free for the weekend, and just focus on waking up at 5am on Saturday and Sunday…because we all know that Starbucks addicts NEED their coffee that early on the weekend. Right??? Pictures of the zoo adventure to come later this weekend.

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  1. Here’s what I really like about your blog post: you are learning things that you must experience in order to appreciate. Like that fact that six seconds of edited audio is a big deal. And that Audacity is overrated.

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