Monthly Archives: August 2009

Sensible Reporting

“Report in all of your senses” is one of the most important quotes I’ve heard from Prof. Olmsted during Bootcamp. These past three weeks have provided myriad advice, but when it comes to basics, using my five senses seems like the best thing to remember, because it’s applicable to all forms of reporting. With print, […]

Vid-ee-OH NO!

More editing today. It’s a tedious task, and whoever said “it is possible…for just about anyone,” (that would be our guest speaker, Rob Roberts, a senior video editor at USA Today), is a little misleading. Yes, it is possible to edit video…doing it well, however, is a different story. Once again, details are jumping out […]

Interviewing 101: Get ‘er done!

Another day in the field, my favorite place to be. Unless, of course, it’s in 100-degree weather and our job is to get interviews we have no access for. We were paired up today for our task: one broadcast student and one print student, covering the heat wave and how it affects our assigned subjects. […]

Daily-evolving technology

Whatever happened to the world of talkies? In my opinion, it’s a perfectly acceptable showcase medium. One reel of film, one sound overlay. Simple. Yesterday, I thought editing audio was fun. Listening to the same milisecond of sound clip over and over again (it’s not as annoying as some say, it’s actually kind of funny), […]

News Nerds in the Making

It’s official: bootcamp is brainwashing me. It’s a struggle for me to view and approach the world in the way I did a week and a half ago, however that was. Even simple, basically brainless tasks – like watching a movie – scream out examples of multimedia usage or reminders to keep a clip file […]

Journalism: Past, Present and Future (in a nutshell)

The distinction between undergraduate and graduate academic expectations is underscored more every day at Bootcamp. The sheer intensity of the program’s structure demands a level of focus and attention generally unfeigned (besides by a few “over achievers”) in undergrad years. On the most pertinent levels though, the arrangement makes sense. How else could we hear […]