Journalists have so many concerns

I always love learning about new legal concepts, especially in reference to topics I am directly concerned with. Partly for that reason, I think today’s mini-seminar about journalism law could’ve lasted an entire day!

As new journalists we have so many questions – what’s preferable, what’s illegal, what’s frowned upon, etc? – and we want to make sure we watch our backs. Our instructor, Barbara Wall (Associate General Counsel, VP @ Gannett), mentioned that for her first assignment in college she was almost sued! Hopefully it’ll never come to that for me, but it’s certainly inspiration to be prepared and know my rights as a citizen, and as a journalist.

Many topics were mentioned and few sufficiently covered – because each law or stipulation can be so nuanced when applied to individual situations – but, overall, I think the idea of “fair use” is plainly and simply clear as mud. Maybe we should have an entire course dedicated to that doozy? Hopefully more to come on this topic, even if I have to read up on it myself…


  1. ausocbootcamp09 · · Reply

    Don’t worry if you feel all topics of concern were not sufficiently covered during Barbara Wall’s lecture. You will learn so much more about this in the media law class with Professor Watkins.

  2. You’re right… law is really interesting and can be all-consuming. Maybe an area for further exploration??

    If you can, try to integrate more photos into your posts, and add more detail to your posts. They can be longer and more involved. See if you can’t start a conversation with your readers…

  3. Also, check your Flickr widget… it appears to be broken.

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