The Panther Pitt grows in D.C.

Our interviewing assignment for the day involved drawing numbers from a bag, and pairing up with our match to interview them. It turns out my partner and I have more in common than the number 11:

In April 2008 Erissa Scalera graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in communications, from the University of Pittsburgh. Because of her major track, I mentioned that my roommate, Jenna, was a communications and business dual major. Surprisingly, Jenna and Erissa were in a class together at Pitt, and were even in the same group for a play assignment – “The Clouds” – for the class. Their group won first place in the class’ performances.

Although Erissa completed her undergraduate studies one year ahead of me, we’re now in the same graduate class because she decided to take a year before pursuing her graduate career.

“I decided in my junior year that I wanted to go into broadcast journalism, but I wanted to wait first,” she said.

After brief stints as a “Women’s Team Lead” at an Urban Outfitters retail store, and as a staffing manager at a temp agency in Pittsburgh, Erissa decided on American University’s School of Communication.

Originally accepted into Boston University’s graduate journalism program, Erissa switched to AU after visiting the campus, she said.

“I just really love D.C. and it seems like there’s more opportunity here,” Erissa said.

(Erissa on the joys of blogging…my first time EVER editing a video, plus without help)

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