Lucky number 3

Those close to me know that the number 3 is far and away my favorite, and strangely lucky number. However, today was probably the first time in a while where it held little to no significance for me. The third day of bootcamp brought another onslaught of information, if not deepening my awareness that my preferred learning style is via interaction, not audio.

One good thing was that at the end of the day I was actually able to stay awake on the metro. Day 2 was so exhausting that a stranger woke me up when we reached the end of the metro line, and I was so startled that I forgot where I was. To paraphrase (something we focused on a lot today) one of my favorite movies, not knowing where you are when you wake up is never a good place to be (Cody, from “Surf’s Up”).

There were a lot of little things throughout the day to make it better than the rest, but I’ll keep them to myself. Overall though, the simple fact that today was the third day of the week and now there are only two days left (and one is a field trip!), gave this day a great ending.

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