If MoJo = Mobile Journalist, then I consider myself a “FuMoJo,” or Future Mobile Journalist… Welcome to the show

Day 2 of our bootcamp was a whirlwind of information, and I’m still reeling. Who knew html and css and all the other computer coding systems were so precise and detailed? Clearly, it makes sense that they would need to be, considering all of the information they’re responsible for transfering around the universe…but my mind, which remembers all too well it’s struggle from last semester’s “simple” Visual Basic programming class, is really wondering when it gets to just go out and get creative with the ART of journalism…?

Bloggers in the making

Bloggers in the making

Overall, though, the group is progressing and getting along. Those that grasp the technological concepts quickly are really good with helping those of us who are a little…slower. One thing is for sure: even though I may not remember how to create a link between my computer and the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) tomorrow, I WILL remember to check that I have the correct password. It’s almost laughable how much time can be lost to such a simple mistake.

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