Monthly Archives: July 2009

Field trip

Here are some pics from our adventures around DC today. We visited Politico, the Associated Press and the Newseum. More details to follow later.

Journalists have so many concerns

I always love learning about new legal concepts, especially in reference to topics I am directly concerned with. Partly for that reason, I think today’s mini-seminar about journalism law could’ve lasted an entire day! As new journalists we have so many questions – what’s preferable, what’s illegal, what’s frowned upon, etc? – and we want […]

Lucky number 3

Those close to me know that the number 3 is far and away my favorite, and strangely lucky number. However, today was probably the first time in a while where it held little to no significance for me. The third day of bootcamp brought another onslaught of information, if not deepening my awareness that my […]

The Panther Pitt grows in D.C.

Our interviewing assignment for the day involved drawing numbers from a bag, and pairing up with our match to interview them. It turns out my partner and I have more in common than the number 11: In April 2008 Erissa Scalera graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in communications, from the University of Pittsburgh. Because of […]

Eisman: Journalism entering “New World”

Applying fixed values to new formats is a winning combination for journalists. The media landscape of journalism is changing, and journalists are no longer “gate-keepers” of information, said Director of Writing Programs at American University’s School of Communication, Amy Eisman. While addressing a class of graduate journalism students from American University, Eisman highlighted the link […]


If MoJo = Mobile Journalist, thenĀ I consider myself a “FuMoJo,” or Future Mobile Journalist… Day 2 of our bootcamp was a whirlwind of information, and I’m still reeling. Who knew html and css and all the other computer coding systems were so precise and detailed? Clearly, it makes sense that they would need to be, […]

Timeliness, Relevance and Authenticity

Today marked day one of a three-week-long “bootcamp” for the journalism MA program. Even though the program intro is meant to be intensive and didactic, the overhanging reminder of the futility of our field adds a degree of stress I wasn’t expecting. To give us a taste of what’s going with the state of journalism […]